Master Key Experience

October 25, 2016
by Ryan Missler

I Have No Opinion Week – 5

This week, I’m going to be the observer of my life and, ideally, give NO OPINIONS….verbally. As far as mentally, I am to recognize that I’m thinking of my opinion and I will dismiss it. I’m to be the “non-judgmental OBSERVER”.  If someone asks me for my opinion directly I can give a response, but it must be positive and kind.

I asked my wife today if she knew how many times the average person speaks their personal opinion generally about something or someone in a day? Before my wife could answer I said “A TON of times!” You know what I mean….for example, that woman in the car next to me that can’t hold a constant speed and keeps speeding up and slowing down while chatting away on her cell phone….I said aloud ”maybe if she wasn’t yapping away on that cell….um, wait, I have no opinion. I have no opinion. I have no opinion. I have no OPINION!”  I’ve programmed myself, unknowingly, to verbalize my opinions (most always negative ones) about other people’s bad driving habits. What a Hypocrite I am. Who am I to judge? I’m not a perfect driver.

I’ve been an observer this week of other people’s conversations….loaded with opinions!  Man, it is tough to bite your lip. I’d like to chime right in and agree or disagree with the topic at hand, but I think to myself “I have no opinion.”

Og Mandino, in “The Greatest Salesman in the World” writes “I am slave to my habits. My actions are ruled by appetite, passion, prejudice, greed, love, fear, environment, habit, and the worst of these tyrants is habit. For it is another of nature’s laws that only a habit can subdue another habit.

So, I’m on a mission…..that mission is to dramatically reduce my negative, verbal opinions and replace them.

I hope you’re having a great week.

Drop me a comment below. Follow my blog. Let me know if you’re like me and you have opinions too!



October 20, 2016
by Ryan Missler

Week-4 Excellence Is a Habit


As I began to think of ideas on what to write about today, that pesky voice inside my head kept yapping away, trying its best to make me listen, trying its best to make me go back, to get me to follow my old blueprint, which I realize would lead me down the path of mediocrity.

“What could you think of that wasn’t written before? Just go to bed.”  That voice!….. grrrrr.

The truth is, that voice has been a part of me for years and years and sadly it ain’t goin’ down without a fight! I created this voice. My voice was created from all my past experiences, and what I told myself on how to feel about those experiences…good or bad.

We all have that voice in our heads, like it or not. I’m learning to ignore it. Block it out. Change the subject. If you’re telling yourself right now you don’t have a voice in there, ummm that’s your voice telling you that!

I’ve been taught that perfect practice prevents poor performance(ppppp)! We play how we practice. Right? So, I’m working and practicing to form new habits.

breaking-bad-habitsHaanel states in the Master Key System…Form the habit. Unless you do this, you had better not start at all, because modern psychology tells us that when we start something and do not complete it, or make a resolution and do not keep it, we are forming the habit of failure; absolute, ignominious failure. If you do not intend to do a thing, do not start; if you do start, see it through even if the heavens fall.”

This is exactly how I am forming new habits. Every week I come up with a new service. I have something that I need to get done. A chore. But, ‘chore’ doesn’t sound like fun so it’s called a service….that sounds better right?!

Exactly how I wrote my service for this week ‘Fertilize all fruit trees by October 23rd.’

And the process goes like this. Think. Write. Promise. Read. Do.

I thought what I wanted to do….fertilize the trees.

I wrote it down on the service card.

I promised 3 times per day that it would get done.

I read it on my card 3 times per day.


Every week we are going to add another service. And, every week the service will get bigger and better too.

It feels great to be in service!

The subconscious mind is more powerful than anything you can think of. So THINK of what you want to create for yourself. It’s up to you what you want to create.

I love comments….feel free to share your thoughts and maybe you thought of a service that you want to get done. I’d love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading.





October 19, 2016
by Ryan Missler

Week – 3 Inconsistently Consistent…What?

I know….I am a week behind with my blogging as I type this. Cut me some slack, ok?! On second thought, Don’t…I don’t deserve any slack.

No Excuses!

Last year, when I signed up for my scholarship to the Master Key Experience course, one of the requirements I had to fulfill was to take a personality test. I didn’t question why I had to take the test, I just did it. Little did I know that I would learn so much about myself by doing this!

There are 4 colors in this personality thingy, blue-red-white-yellow, that specify what type of personality type you are.


Some strengths of a yellow personality are: happy, sociable, trusting, fun-loving, carefree. <<Those are soooo me!

But, there is always a ‘but’, some of the limitations of the yellow personality are: uncommitted, self-centered, disorganized, impulsive, and inconsistent. And, this last characteristic leads me to what I would like to write about today….Inconsistency!

I’ve been inconsistent in the past in most all aspects of my life. One thing in particular is not doing what I said I was going to do.  But, the Master Key Experience has changed that. The funny thing is that being inconsistent is so easy and seemingly effortless to fix.

“Do It Now!”  I repeat this short sentence 50 times per day, out loud, with ENTHUSIASM! Repeating it over and over is programming my subconscious to not procrastinate and to be consistent on getting things done.

I read my Greatest Salesman in the World 3 times per day. I read my DMP 3 times per day. My index cards with tasks and services on them 3 times per day. I read the Master Key’s Once a day and I sit as Haanel suggests at the end of every chapter to get my mind right for the day.

I’m really diggin’ the course the second time around and I’m feelin’ good!

I’ll be back tomorrow as I gotta get my week 4 blog posted up…..because….I Get Things Done On Time….Consistently!

Take the personality test to find out what your color is. It’s free and it’s a ton-of-fun to learn about yourself.

If your a negative nancy and your glass is half empty…type in your name and email below and I’ll send you the 7 Days of Positive Thinking…aka…..The 7 Day Mental Diet and lets grow and have fun together!

Thanks for reading,


October 7, 2016
by Ryan Missler

The Secret to Get Things Done…Effortlessly Week – 2

The Secret to Get Things Done…Effortlessly

Well?  Whats the secret?Create. Your. Roadmap.

I admit it, I’ve wandered aimlessly through my life. This is going wayyyy back into my past…….an hour. 🙂

 My friends may describe me as a carefree, go with the flow, everything will work out, kind of guy.  Sure, I’ve had day-to-day goals and successes in my life thus far, but do I have long terms goals?

Do I have a road map leading me down the path to reach the results I want to achieve?

Daily distractions divert me to what is fun in the moment. Social media, radio, TV, news media, on and on. Has anyone ever had a small something, a chore, an errand, that you wanted to get done during the day, then put it off until tomorrow?  Yeah?  Well, that was me…King of procrastination! I would talk myself out of getting done what needed to be done and justify that it could wait. That little voice in my head….”put it off” or “I’ll do it tomorrow”.

Charles Haanel writes in the Master Key System, “All gain is a result of accumulative consciousness. All loss is a result of scattering consciousness.”  What this means is what you have, or do not have, in your life is determined by what you think about.what-you-think-you-become-buddha
Life can be hectic.  And these days it is so easy to sit back and get lost for an hour,
or three, in a TV show or scrolling social media. In last weeks blog I talked about replacing bad habits with good habits, Well, I’ve learned in order to replace bad habits ya gotta have a plan! A “road map”! A road map to reach your target.

Check out this video by Derek, he’s one of the head dudes in The Master Key Experience course. He talks about having a “road map” to get you to your destination….what you ultimately desire!

Once you have your map…here are a few things that you can use to help me manage yourself better….

  1. Find out what is truly important and dedicate your time to that.
  2. Set a small goal or two per day that you want to accomplish.
  3. Instead of putting off necessities to do something that is fun, reward yourself by doing something fun after what is necessary.


What do you want out of life?

Do you have daily distractions?

Any tips you use to manage yourself better?

Feel free to leave me a comment.

Oh! If you like to be challenged, sign up for the 7 Days of Positive Thinking below.

Thanks for reading,


September 28, 2016
by Ryan Missler

Week 1 – New Year….Same Awesome Feeling

Key Surfing

The Master Key Experience…..Year 2.

What can I say. I’m stoked to begin another year of the Master Key Experience! I enjoyed last years session so much that I decided to let the staff at the MKE torcher me with their trainings and become a certified guide. Well, the training wasn’t so bad. I actually enjoyed it and I learned a ton! All the people I have met through this course are fantastic. I can’t say enough good about them. It’s been such a positive and uplifting experience the entire past year.

It’s a humbling feeling that I’m fortunate enough to be a guide this year. I’m freakin’ excited! Probably even more so than at this time last year when I was just getting started. 11 people will be trusting me with their hopes and dreams. 11 people I will be guiding along their own unique journeys. Cool eh?!


<<<<I started reading this bad boy again.  Reading a certain section 3 times per day as instructed by the author, Og Mandino.

In this section, it’s called Scroll 1, Og writes, “Good habits are the key to all success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure“.  This course is meant to help create positive change from within. We learn how to replace bad habits with good habits.

I’m glad to be back “on the wagon” creating new habits, reading and doing all the mental exercises again, because if you aren’t learning and growing you’re dying!

Thanks for reading and….stay tuned. It’s going to be an awesome 6 months!!!